Club Rules

  1. Gymnasts should arrive on time for the warm up. Warm-up is compulsory and training is not permitted without it.
  2. Gymnasts must wear clothes that are approved by the coaches as suitable for training and competing in.
  3. In the interest of the safety of your child and others strictly NO JEWELLERYto be worn.
  4. Long hair must be tied back neatly.
  5. Strictly no mobile phones allowed to be used at gym. Phones that are brought to gym must be handed in and will be kept safely for the duration of the session.
  6. No chocolates, sweets, crisps or popcorn to be brought to gymnastics, only healthy drinks or snacks allowed.
  7. No chewing gum allowed in the club.
  8. For health and safety reasons good behaviour and manners are essential.
  9. No equipment to be used without the permission and supervision of a coach or a person authorized by them.
  10. No gymnast to leave hall without permission or supervision of a coach.
  11. Parents must collect or arrange to have their children collected at the correct time and they must be collected from inside the hall, not from the car park.
  12. No gymnast may compete in competitions without the permission of a parent and their coach.
  13. Gymnasts must have greater than 80% training attendance at the club before permission to compete will be given. Permission is totally at the discretion of the head coach.
  14. Bullying will not be tolerated and will result in automatic expulsion from the club. If a gymnast is subject to bullying they should report the incident to the Club Children’s Officer (Tara), a coach or parent immediately.
  15. Parents must be willing to travel with their children for competitions. NB Entry fees apply for competitions.
  16. A photocopy of a birth certificate is needed with registration form for new members.
  17. All parents/guardians have free automatic club membership.
  18. If any classes are cancelled the club will offer replacement options, no refunds will be processed
  19. The club reserve the right to move venue to improve facilities and training times, spaces will be swopped and no refunds will be processed
  20. Annual and term fees must be paid prior to attending any classes


  1. All Gymnasts should wear club tracksuit with leotards (girls) and with shorts and T-shirts (boys)
  2. Alternatively, shorts or tight leggings with a tight fitting top with long sleeves (loose T-shirts falldown around the gymnasts’ heads and can be dangerous)
  3. Gymnastic shoes or bare feet. White socks for trampoline.

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