Who are the trainers/ coaches?

Rebecca Connor is the head coach (Senior Women’s + Trampoline coach ) and Chairperson, she has been coaching in Rathdrum since 2011 and has done coaching and judging courses run by Gymnastics Ireland.

Becky Connor is the senior administrator and Designated Person for Wicklow Gymnastics Club

Sabha Joyce is the Women's Artistics Squad Head coach and Children's Officer in Wicklow and is assisted by  Tara Collins, Riona Joyce, Ellen Patterson and Charlotte Wallace

Tara and Gwen Collins run the Trampoline Squads in Wicklow

Sarah Burke is a senior coache in Womens’s Artistic along with Gwen Collins, Aoibhe Drennan, Charlotte Wallis,Orla Fitzgerald and Rhian Drennan . All of the above are certified Gymnastics Ireland coaches. Bethan Crawford and Ari Bazigou have just joined our coaching team and are working as apprentices with Tara/Sabha.

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